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Looking for a manga based on memory
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Author:  espritto [ Wed Mar 21, 2018 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Looking for a manga based on memory

So, There’s a chapter in a tankobon I’m looking for, but all I have is my memory of the plot. I know this might be a long shot, but hopefully someone will know.

The manga starts with the guy and the girl in a hotel room. (If I remember correctly, the male protagonist has a rather short ponytail.) The setting is that the male protagonist and his handsome friend asked out two girls they met on the street for for a good time, they separated into 2 pairs, and each enter into a separate room. The female protagonist complains that she wish her sex partner was the male protoginist’s friend, since the male protagonist is not really her type.
The guy got slightly pissed about the comment, and he dropped his pants to reveal a ‘big’ surprise, and proceeded somewhat forcefully to have sex with the girl. The manga ended with the guy asking for another round of sex, with the girl muttering 絶倫すぎる. A small panel in lat page’s corner shows in the neighbouring room, the male protagonist’s friend fell asleep just after one round of sex, and the other girl complaining she hadn’t had enough yet

(I initially thought the manga was by Nagare Ippon, but going through every single manga I can find, it seems that I misremembered.) So, if there is anyone who know what this manga is, please do tell.

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