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Help me remembering this hentai manga
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Author:  Serendust13 [ Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:20 am ]
Post subject:  Help me remembering this hentai manga

anyone knows an adult manga where the setting is an adventure story by three girls in defeating the demon king? The first girl was their leader, she was the most mature, had long black hair, and carried a sword. She wore a long skirt that slightly dropped to reveal the hemisphere of the back of her body. The second girl looks a little younger and sexier. her hair is short as shoulder length and yellow. The third girl seems to be young, maybe around 14 years. Her hair is pink. The story goes like this, to defeat the demon king, they decided to pass through a city. The city has a very strange rule. It is the entire population is free to have sex / rape anywhere with anyone. While in that strange city, the three girls decided to eat at a tavern. There the three of them were raped by some bad looking punks. While resting at the inn they were visited by many men and raped thoroughly.

I need the tittle or link to that manga. It was 2 or 3 years i read those manga... Now i could'nt remembering what is the tittle or the site i've been read it. Please the power of weaboos do your magic!

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