Favorite RPG or MMORPG and WHY?

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Tom Killswitch
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Well, there are so many games so It covers a lot of ground here...

I'm not a great fan of MMORPG's as I've grown up on console gaming and Zelda has always been king. Although zelda could perhaps be classed as an adventure game, I would class it as the best action RPG series ever. (shenmue I would class in the same genre although not in the fantasy niche).

In the realm of JRPG's FFX was, although not the best recieved, the final fantasy I enjoyed most. It has to be said quite a lot for Yuna and Rikku ;) but I loved the character ability expansion and it was 250 hours well spent.

My favorite at the minute is Shin Megami Tensai Devil Survivor which is the most addictive game I've played in the past few years. The branching storylines, engaging storyline and addictive pokemon style monster fusion and collecting rank it very highly in my books. Great for some RPG battles on the go.
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Post by toxicnick »

im currently playing war of legends
i like it becouse of the genre its in the middle ages
just like age of empires i like the age its in.
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Post by hawking88 »

Dragon Quest 8 is probably my favorite RPG. I loved the combat system and how big the world was. Everything about that game was simply epic.
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Post by broca »

I love World Of Warcraft been playing for 3 years now and love to pvp.
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Re: Favorite RPG or MMORPG and WHY?

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Can we think that Terraria is RPG game?
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Re: Favorite RPG or MMORPG and WHY?

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