Profile avatar edit problem

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Profile avatar edit problem

Post by DigDog »

I want to make an Avatar which is nice size but there is only change to put link which connects to my Avatar if you know what I mean. But it won't resize it but it keeps the normal size as it normaly is (Too big size) How can I resize it myself that it is fine size ;?
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Post by yojimbo2 »

You have to have a smaller picture, avatars are meant to be small, a face of someone is usually good. If you want the girl you got then just cut her face in paint and try that.
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Post by Vicissitude »

Yeah, just resize it yourself.
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Post by Augustsnica »

how in the heck do i change my profile avatar to a picture i want it will not let me pick anything it doesnt even give me an option to......please someone help
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