Your Audience Might Lose Their Attention and Skip the Rest

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Your Audience Might Lose Their Attention and Skip the Rest

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Then the Instagram algorithm will think that it is not relevant to users, hence a drop in engagement. Increase your engagement on Instagram posts Again, you'll go to your insights, check which posts got higher interactions, and then create the same type of content. Once you're ready to publish, here are a few things to do: Stay 30 minutes before posting or commenting on other people's recent posts. Make sure these posts are in the same niche as yours. Before uploading the post, update a story or two.

When your audience engages with it, Instagram knows they'd love to see your posts. After posting go to your previous post and like all the comments. This will let your followers know you're posting new stuff and they can come back to see it. Then respond to any comments you receive on your new background remove service post. Remember, the more you engage with your followers, the more it will help you increase your engagement on Instagram. Increase your Instagram Reels Engagement You're going to have to go to your insights again, and this is a crucial step to increasing your engagement on Instagram. Sort your coils according to what you want on your new coil. If you want more shares, sort by shares and so on. Share reels with your stories.


When people watch your reel from the outputs, that counts as a view. But don't overdo it. Your followers want that personal connection to your stories. Share unpopular opinions. When your reels with a controversial opinion reach people, they will most definitely engage with it. Instagram does not differentiate between a supportive comment and an opposition comment. In the eyes of Instagram, engagement is engagement. Use original audio from other creators to help increase your engagement on Instagram. When users watch reels with this sound, they would likely be interested in other content from the same creator. How to Calculate Engagement Rate on Instagram Here's how you can easily calculate Instagram engagement on a specific post.
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