How's it hanging?

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How's it hanging?

Post by `ryp` »

This is a joke my teacher told me, he's Irish and this is what his MOTHER told him.

One day, a woman who was hanging her laundry was approached by her neighbor. The neighbor asked "You know, I've always wondered about something. You see, every morning I always look to see what you do. If you're out in the back, I know it'll be a good day to put out the laundry. If I don't, then I know it will rain, and sure enough - it does. I must know, how do you know when it's going to be all right to put out the laundry?"

The old woman smiles and politely says, "Well it's my husband, you see. If he's hanging a bit to the left, I know it'll be sunny that day, and I know it's all right to put the laundry out. But if it's hanging to the right, then I know it's going to rain, and I don't do it."

Then neighbor asks, "Well what if it's in the middle?"

The woman answers, "Well then fuck the laundry!"
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Post by Timewarp »

LMAO wow. Haven't heard that one. Thanx for the joke.
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Post by LoVeHeNtAi[E] »

LOL dats rely funy, ima tell my teach dat!
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Post by FireWithin »

Great joke dude ;-)
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Post by suki888 »

nice tip to all mothers!!
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Hows it hanging

Post by Jerrycrawl »

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