Forums Upgrade !!! *3rd October 2017 UPDATES*

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Forums Upgrade !!! *3rd October 2017 UPDATES*

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After more than 10 years without updating the forum software of this forum, finally i decided to upgrade it to phpBB version 3.x.x. (at least a quite stable version of it !). Some news and bug fixes includes

- Profile Page now updated. I got complaints that the old profile page not working properly so here it is !
- New Layout. Sorry if you don't like the new ones, but this is what you'll have to do for now :lol:
- New forum Header. If you want to design a custom one you can make it and send me via PM. I'll check it out if its good enough to replace the current ones!

Other than that, everything else remains the same. Although if you do found some errors, please let me know. Cheers~

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